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Dental Exams

Comprehensive dental exams are more than a dentist just looking at your teeth and gums. It is performed to thoroughly evaluate the hard and soft tissues of a patient. It is used alongside other diagnostic procedures as record keeping to establish a baseline for the patient.

dental exam

Regular dental exams play a big role in your smile’s health. Most experts suggest getting a dental exam at least twice a year. During your exam, we evaluate your teeth, your restorations, your bite, your gums, and other oral soft tissues for any signs of problems. Our dentists perform comprehensive dental exams that can keep your dental health on track and your smile glowing.

At your first comprehensive exam, our dentists will do a thorough visual examination of not just your teeth, but all your oral structures. We are looking not only for cavities but also signs of gum disease, oral cancer, abnormal spots or patches on the insides of your cheeks or lips, irregular wear patterns, chips or cracks in your teeth, or other common dental issues. Finding problems early allows for more conservative treatment and reduces the risk of long-term damage.

  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Digital X-rays
  • Hard Tissue Examination (including teeth and bones)
  • Soft tissue examination
  • A complete health history review
  • Periodontal examination

The exact steps taken during your examination may vary depending on your particular needs.

Not all problems are readily visible to the unaided eye, so our staff will also perform dental X-rays. This allows us to better see in between your teeth, below the gum line, and your jawbone. We may use X-rays for both diagnostic and treatment planning purposes.

dental exam

dental exam

After your checkup, our dentists or hygienist may make recommendations for your at-home hygiene routine or preventative treatments. We will explain each of our suggestions and answer your questions so that you can continue to make great choices for your smile.

Encouraging dental health awareness in your family will also help your family members avoid destructive dental habits which, if unchanged, can lead to dental diseases that are difficult or even impossible to fully reverse and correct. Problems found in some patients are much too severe and have gone too long without attention to be reversed and expect a complete return to ideal dental health.

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