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When decay or infection reaches a tooth’s nerve, root canal therapy is usually the best solution

Root Canal Therapy

Root canals preserve teeth that would otherwise die and need to be removed. A root canal also saves the patient from reoccurring pain and the danger of abscesses in the mouth by removing living tissue and decay from inside the infected tooth. Because we know that root canals can be uncomfortable, Century Dental takes great care to ensure that the root canals we perform are as quick and painless as possible.

Reasons You May Need Root Canal Therapy

When tooth decay reaches the living tissue inside of a tooth, known as the tooth pulp, a root canal is necessary. They may also be required when a tooth is severely injured or when an infection or abscess develops at the root tip or inside a tooth. An endodontic disorder can occur without any warning signs, but the patient usually experiences some pain or discomfort that signals a problem. Patients who experience any of the following warning signs should visit us as soon as possible:

  • Teeth or gums that are painful or tender to the touch
  • Tooth or gum discoloration
  • Extreme tooth sensitivity to cold or heat
  • Pus draining into the mouth
  • An abscess, which may look like a pimple, on the gums
  • Tenderness or swelling in the lymph nodes under the jaw
root canal

How is a root canal performed to save a tooth?

During root canal therapy the infected pulp is removed and the inside of the tooth is cleaned and disinfected. Then the hollowed inside of the tooth is filled with a rubber-like material. After this the dentist will determine the ideal way to restore the tooth: either with a filling or crown.

What is Laser-assisted Root Canal Therapy?

Traditional treatments involve using a small file a clean out decayed/infected material in the insides of your tooth (the canals). Because these canals are not straight, it is almost impossible to remove all the infected material, let alone in the small pores (“dentubules”) within the canals.

At Century Crossing Dental Centre, we use a special Laser to kill and remove bacteria and infection. Called the LightWalker™ laser, it’s a hard tissue laser with the ability to cut hard tissue (enamel) and soft tissue. The laser has many uses, including removing decayed parts of a tooth. The extreme precision of the laser technology ensures that we are able to keep intact as much of the healthy tooth as possible. The LightWalker™ laser does not have the “whiney”, vibration noises associated with a drill. Instead, the LightWalker™ laser is a quiet and virtually painless procedure that keeps more of the tooth structure in place.

The LightWalker™ is the only laser available that can perform the Photon Induced Photoacoustic Streaming™ (PIPS) procedure, a revolutionary method that chemically cleans and derides the root canal system. PIPS™ uses the power of the LightWalker™ to create photo acoustic shockwaves through the root canal system. As a result, the entire canal and sub canal system of the tooth is left clean!

How long does a root canal last?

Root canals have a high success rate. If properly performed and restored, a root-canaled tooth can last a lifetime.

Do I have to have a root canal?

Root canals are a last effort to save a tooth that would otherwise need extraction. If a tooth is extraction is the only option, please discuss with the dentist replacement options that may be available.

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